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Title: "Incompatible Version of the RPC Stub" message when trying to install ChessRally 2.5

Applies To:

* ChessRally 2


I can’t install ChessRally 2.5 on my computer! The installer gives me an error that tells me "Incompatible Version of the RPC Stub". At that point, the installer fails, and I can’t continue. Every time I run it, I get the same thing! What’s going on?


This problem occurs when certain system files get wrongfully installed on your computer. This can happen as the result of installing some other software you’ve purposefully downloaded and installed, or from a driveby download or other spyware program that you did not mean to install (such "pests" tend to have badly behaved installation programs). Once these incorrect system files get installed, some programs no longer work exactly as expected. (Note: This typically happens when a Windows XP-specific DLL gets installed on another version of Windows, such as Windows 95, 98, or ME.)


Fortunately, Microsoft and InstallShield are both aware of this problem, and have each provided resources to help you fix the problem. Please wait to install ChessRally 2.5 until you have resolved the problem on your computer. Here are links to their respective resources regarding this problem:

InstallShield Support:
Microsoft Support:;en-us;321915

Again, please wait to install ChessRally 2.5 until you have resolved the problem on your computer.

Ultimately, there is one final thing you can do to fix the problem: Reformat your computer and re-install Windows. But that’s not alot of fun! Try the solutions offered by InstallShield and Microsoft, and let us know if you don’t have any luck with them, and need our further assistence.

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