ICS Companion 1.0

The Companion to Internet Connection Sharing

Enhance your Internet experience on your small office or home network with Internet Connection Sharing installed and enabled.  Check it out...

ICS Companion Protects Your Internet Connection

First... See what Internet Connection Sharing is like without ICS Companion

When you use Microsoft® Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) with ICS Companion, you are protected from the scenarios listed above! Each user signals when they want to use the Internet, and when they’re done. When no users remain that are using the Internet, then the ICS Companion Server will disconnect your modem from your ISP! No hassles! No going downstairs to turn it on or off, no need to worry about annoying automatic connections or disconnections!

Also, every computer with ICS Companion installed will see the same "modem status lights" so they can see how much data is being sent and received between your local office or home network and the Internet.

ICS Companion can also prevent your Internet Service Provider from disconnecting you for inactivity (idling)! Scenario: You’re downloading the latest version of your favorite computer game. While it’s downloading, you’re playing online Backgammon with your cousin Leela, who’s out of town on a business trip. It’s you’re turn, but you have to use the restroom. You make a break for the toilet, and while there, the download completes, it’s still your turn, and there’s no activity while you sit on the toilet. Boom… your Internet Service Provider disconnects you for being idle, and you’re Backgammon game is hosed. OK, maybe you don’t like Backgammon, or don’t have a cousin Leela, but I think you get the idea.

And that’s not all! ICS Companion can also warn you if your Internet Service Provider has a daily time limit and you’re running out of time! It can even disconnect you if there’s very little time left to preserve your access for the day! Worried about being automatically disconnected during an important Internet activity? (Yes, Quake counts!) ICS Companion can warn all computers using the shared Internet connection that it’s going to disconnect you soon, giving anyone the opportunity to override the disconnection!

ICS Companion 1.0 System Requirements

  • 133Mhz Pentium; 200Mhz Pentium or higher recommended.
  • 32MB RAM for Windows 95/98; 64MB RAM for Windows NT4 & ME; 128MB RAM for Windows 2000.
  • Windows 98SE OR Windows 2K (For Server)
  • Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 SP3, or 2K (For Client)
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